VHC PM earthquake affectees and full powers in order to help guide

VHC PM earthquake affectees and full powers in order to help guide

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Valley in the earthquake-affected areas on Wednesday, and there VHC supervise rescue and relief operation, Press and Information Department reported.

VHC, Jaatlan, Morra Keikri, according to the Government, the ambience here, reward, Benin City and other affected areas came into consideration and damaged facilities and public properties.

He went to the District General Hospital, Mirpur, and asked the affected people. Haider them to provide the best medical facilities and management of a hospital. "The Department of Health and hospitals in the earthquake-affected areas should make sure that there is sufficient margin to life-saving medicines," he said.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner of Mirpur Emperor Aurangzeb Khan detailed information about the compensation of damages caused by the earthquake Erdogan said.

The head of the government authorities in the affected areas to expedite relief and reconstruction work designed to use all the resources available.

He moved along the war-basis earthquake affectees best to help as much as possible. In this regard, the unwillingness or negligence "No, you would be," Haider said.

According to the head of government, and the generous support of the people affected by the civil society in Mirpur values.

He will soon begin a rescue operation after the completion of restoration work and expressed confidence that can be initiated in the affected areas.

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