Sarfaraz, Babar eager to play in front of a house

Sarfaraz, Babar eager to play in front of a house

Karachi guests as the approval of the three-match ODI series Green men and horns with Pakistan limited-overs tour of Sri Lanka starting on Friday. The heroes of Pakistan cricket fans look forward to playing on home turf international equipment and tickets sell like hot bread.

Talking about the excitement of playing in front of the crowd in support of Pakistani cricketers, the game with two teams, with the large numbers of people to call.

The head of Pakistan Sarfaraz Ahmed, called to highlight a number of its services.

"I can not wait for Friday to mark the occasion memorable, I will walk out of me, behind me, is not only gas, but I hope the two sides," said the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), in a press release. "Fans are the driving force for the team and the players."

He added: "I am part of history, to take in all the local cricket fans, they played a number of international, national stadium, will be able to tell the next generation."

At the same time, the new deputy-chief Babar Azam, Pakistan is looking forward for the first time as a deputy Sarfaraz task. And all the fans out and say they are supporting one side.

"I am grateful to (them), I can not service the first time is enough to show love and respect to all the fans. I, Pakistan on Friday as deputy-head of the field will be one of my major. I want the whole country, as well as the people in the National Stadium remember, this is for me one day for a youngster. I spoke to the packed-to-capacity National Stadium ODIs and immediately came to my mind, two in 2004 and 2008 against India in ODIs. I saw in 2004, Pakistan's Inzamam-ul -Haktın not lost despite the best century in five runs, Four years later, Younis Khan, who fought with the 123 eight-wicket victory did not pay us. "

Leg-spinners Shadab Khan, Pakistan Pakistan Super League (PSL) Characterization of success is to be allowed to return to international cricket.

"I saw people on the PSL Karachi enthusiasm and passion. I remember him from behind, with the event of success in this tournament, and I think that was due to the support of the people of Karachi. I am waiting for an answer to the people of Karachi the same, and will sustain us as professional athletes. inspire us, motivate us to be our fans behind us. "

Pacemaker ear Wahab Riaz, Karachi, Pakistan, Sri Lankan side will be privileged to see, they are hoping for is to show gratitude to the party.

"I festivals, and is a part of Pakistan and its people in the world are invited to show the real picture, large quantities as a player. I often boasting iconic players, has not taken some of the great matches of the National Stadium, the Parties to the horse. I know all the fans of legends As part of this accession, with all the players tell the truth, the current required for the adoption of measures, and the stars. "

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