Running education in Pakistan

Running education in Pakistan

Mehwish Hayat to change the lives of hundreds of London Marathon next year will run 26.2 kilometers.

Punjab Single Flower guitar and copy Jaungi actor in London to raise funds for the restoration of the five schools in this initiative.

This school has room for 618 children each year, on Wednesday, Hayat Samaa TV program shared Naya Din.

And for all the charitable organization of the World Hayat Penny Appeal role as Goodwill Ambassador started.

Based out of the UK is one of the largest Muslim charity founder, Penny Appeal cherry Yunus shared. Sudan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhuttan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and operates in 30 countries, including.

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"I will work for the good of society, I feel really happy," appreciates the efforts of the charity group, Hayat said. He is a reliable organization with, and he proudly said.

He will be the first time to participate in the London race in South Asia actress. Hayat will begin training in November, he said.

"This is a complicated problem," you need to run a marathon in order and how to change their lifestyle, he said.

When asked why choose to work on education, education, Hayat, everything will be fine, with the help of their principal. "We have many problems associated with the lack of education," he said.

Yunus philosophy behind Penny Appeal Hepatitis poverty, education, health care, or in any other sector that needs to be said. The Organization was born in Pakistan.

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"If this is really making a difference, donate money to charity, they want to see what they really care about," a charity associated with James Caan, the British-Pakistani businessman, said.

Speaking about the importance of contributing reasons, Hayat said one should consider the use of the privilege. "If it was impressive, Pakistan should be used to give voice again," he said.

Pakistan Penny complaint or any other country, to attract charity's website.

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