Qureshi, Kashmir situation and the information in a letter to the UN chief

Qureshi, Kashmir situation and the information in a letter to the UN chief

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Secretary General of the United Nations on Wednesday with a message, with a mere detail the situation in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Minister of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi, 5 in order to strengthen its illegal occupation of Kashmir reported that revoked the autonomous status.

"This action of the Security Council resolutions, Jammu and Kashmir, a clear violation of international disputes and try to change the status of a recognized minority in the territory of the Muslim majority, IOJ and managed to change the field of K, the first UN recognition", the letter read.

Foreign Secretary of India's actions continues to this day, with the deployment of an additional 200,000 Indian occupation forces in IOJ & K-India forces bring to bear the total to 880.000 massive security clampdown, had previously said.

He continued to use the Secretary-General of the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and respected in the international media and human rights organizations, including the international community, including the arrest of leaders of Kashmir continues to report on human rights violations in the scene IOJ & K Among others, he said: the state as a sanction rape pellet guns, control, communications blockade, the kidnapping of young children, their families and forcing them to God [ Use].

His letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs ", including baby food, medicines, and there are reports of food shortages."

Pakistan, its message through a formal appeal to the UN, India gave information about the activities of the international community, IOJ & K, especially the situation is deteriorating rapidly and the threat that poses a threat to regional peace and security.

Pakistani officials, including Foreign Minister Qureshi, wrote letters to the United Nations in July to five.

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