Pakistan, Malaysia, and Turkey to launch a joint TV

Pakistan, Malaysia, and Turkey to launch a joint TV

Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, from a joint television. the channel will be in English and intended for confronting the threat of "Canada".

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister made the announcement on Twitter yesterday. Turkey's President Recep Erodogan and Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad met in New York with a three-way summit.

Against Islamophobia and Islam, they have agreed on the creation of a TV channel to set the record straight.

"We must take up the discipline of blasphemy against Muslims that the issue of proper conditions, the series and the movie / Muslims in our own people and the world, and the presence of the media, which is dedicated to the history of education in the Muslim Khan would be produced", the PM explained.

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Upcoming meeting, PM Erdogan Khan and President of combating hate speech in a high-level round table meeting was held. After the bilateral meeting between the two leaders, PM Khan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, and their accumulation in a number of areas, and intellectual talent to build the capacity of education and research and development need to say that in the framework of the UN General Assembly agreed to meet PM Mahathir.

Malaysia Kashmir and Turkey called for abiding by the relevant UN resolutions on Kashmir and called for dialogue to end all dispute. In his address to the UN General Assembly, President Erdogan criticized the international community for failing to listen to the people of Kashmir. PM Han had thanked him for his statement.

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