Karachi 90 days to approve Sindh trash

Karachi 90 days to approve Sindh trash

Karachi Sindh government has 90 days, and banning mass cleaning campaign was garbage.

Notification by the General Secretary Nasir Abbas Soomro, Sindh, Karachi, September 25, Section 144 of the Criminal Code, within 90 days.

This is garbage in the street, open trash outside the gates of the houses, the windows of vehicles on the road trash, damaged roads, and spit paan on the front of buildings, structures, throwing debris on beaches and trash prohibited.

Water, waste, in accordance with Section 188 of the Penal Code of Pakistan initiated a criminal case can be found. 188 by the State Department's orders. How to write a violation of the rules of Rs200 a month in jail and a fine and six months in prison and a fine of Rs1,000, depending on the variety.

However, there are rules already trash Sindh. However, in accordance with the current regulations, the person will be issued for the arrest of garbage, not only for tickets.

2013 Singh of local self-government bodies, in accordance with the procedure VI-B, Rs5,000 fine cast, or any refuse, garbage or trash on the street, or in a place where a body appointed for the purpose or with the load, as well as the Chicken or not In the garbage or by its owner was able to accommodate the outside of a store.

At the same physical harm or pollute the environment, people outside the premises, internal, or private or public, is a threat to public health. As well as, to clean a house, shops, buildings, shops, public street or road service, or company before the creation of the area, clean rooms, or people who can not necessarily loaded plastic bags of arable land and other perishable materials.

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