Facebook is testing the political

Facebook is testing the political

Facebook post on politicians not verify the truth of the report, a social network that operates cancellation of false information intended to manipulate public opinion, the 2020 US election on Tuesday.

To help social network, took the opposite accusation of a third party, such as bites, including the AFP news organizations and independent political demands, but were less likely to fall short.

"We ... We see the political disputes in court and was under the control of public debates and to prevent word of a politician's role is to believe," Nick Clegg, Facebook said the president of world affairs and communications.

"This is our review to check on one of our third-party partners to send ads or organic content, but said the politicians," he said.

Rhythm 2016 elections, aimed at the fast, high-ahead mostly Russian Facebook, and other public areas in the communications on a large scale and misinformation campaign, I have the following November 2020 elections.

Overwhelmed by sending to Facebook as a suspect a problem with the content of the following benefits and contributions of journalists to check the articles found to be of a suspicious nature, and established partnerships with the media.

Report of a politician more than a year, Facebook has become a part of the policy, Clegg said.

"However, until recently, content, links, videos, and photos, including conflicting political weight, we reduce the bites that content, and display of information, advertisements and are planning to camp," he said.

Clegg, a former British Deputy Prime Minister, the Russian public media during election campaigns a year to help resolve a scandal-plagued image before it joined less than Facebook.

Facebook and inappropriate content regulation is an attempt to balance freedom of expression with a good line.

Chief Executive of Forbes magazine for political advertising, in particular, has taken steps to improve transparency.

has become a powerful social network tech giant has been under fire from the critics, especially Democrats, say. At the same time, Republicans, including US President Donald Trump, the voice is always conservative, cautious public sector charges.

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