Ahmed Ali Akbar received an award for Laal Kabootar

Ahmed Ali Akbar received an award for Laal Kabootar

Popular Pakistani actor Ahmed Ali Akbar reviews Laal Kabootar executive for the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival best actor award knife.

He shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

Karachi-based crime thriller Laal Kabootar for the upcoming Oscar awards in Pakistan in December 2020, has been selected as The Academy award categories were chosen for the final candidates.

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Directed by Kamal Khan, the film received rave reviews by critics, as well as in March of this year, like many of us too.

Ahmed, a series of much-hyped drama EHD e-Wafa can be seen in the small screen. Drama, Ahad, Akbar Reza Mir Osman Khalid Butt and Wahaj Ali, including the star-studded gypsum.

Baaji and Laal Kabootar DC South Asian Film Festival this year than it did. Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the other to the best movies, DC, is one of the events in the cultural calendar of the famous movie.

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